Issue when flagging posts as spam

If I flag a thread as spam and submit it I get the response

‘you are not permitted to view the requested resource’

I’m guessing the topic was immediately hidden after your flag and you don’t have permission to view hidden posts.

Ah the topic has gone so I can’t test it (or gone for me at least). However I’m pretty sure it was still there after I reported it. In any case though is it expected that if you flag something as potential spam it removes it for the user straight away? What if I was wrong? :smiley:

The topic was already marked as a high spammy score, so I think the combination of high spam score + user flag meant it was immediately hidden. It showed up in my moderators inbox with both the flag and the score and your report, to which I agreed and suspended the user.

If your flag would’ve been wrong, I just had to click another button and it would’ve restored everything right away.

Does that sound about right, @elizabeth?

Pretty much. Discourse takes into factor a number of things, and “power users” have more influence in that algorithm when you’re reporting content.

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