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Is there a working Instagram feed Extra?

Every Instagram Extra available via Package Manager do not appear to be working. I have had some working on sites but presumably there’s been a recent change to the api.
Anyone have or know of a working extra to display Instagram latest posts?

This is something I’d also like to know but I don’t think there is a reliable free or ‘without restriction’ free one. I tend to use which is $10 (one-off) if used on https and free if used on http

I use NoCodeAPI:

Then write a small snippet to loop the entries. You can use getCache to limit the API requests:

You can also get a JSON feed from Instagram by simply adding ?__a=1 on the end of the URL.

For example:

So you could write a snippet to request that and then return it with whatever formatting you like.


I think digitalpenguin’s suggestion is great.

I’ve also looked at the socialFeed extra, which also looks promising if you don’t mind signing up.
They’re also planning on including an twitter/facebook feed and it seems like it would be a great
use case for a client site.

edit: it does require a cron job to import the feed btw


Thanks for all the suggestions.
The SocialFeed Extra seems perfect. Cheers.

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I’d be interested to know how it works out. Quadro are really good and very helpful

It was really easy to set up and configure. I’d recommend it.

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