Is there a working Instagram feed Extra?

Every Instagram Extra available via Package Manager do not appear to be working. I have had some working on sites but presumably there’s been a recent change to the api.
Anyone have or know of a working extra to display Instagram latest posts?

This is something I’d also like to know but I don’t think there is a reliable free or ‘without restriction’ free one. I tend to use which is $10 (one-off) if used on https and free if used on http

I use NoCodeAPI:

Then write a small snippet to loop the entries. You can use getCache to limit the API requests:

You can also get a JSON feed from Instagram by simply adding ?__a=1 on the end of the URL.

For example:

So you could write a snippet to request that and then return it with whatever formatting you like.


I think digitalpenguin’s suggestion is great.

I’ve also looked at the socialFeed extra, which also looks promising if you don’t mind signing up.
They’re also planning on including an twitter/facebook feed and it seems like it would be a great
use case for a client site.

edit: it does require a cron job to import the feed btw


Thanks for all the suggestions.
The SocialFeed Extra seems perfect. Cheers.

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I’d be interested to know how it works out. Quadro are really good and very helpful

It was really easy to set up and configure. I’d recommend it.

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Thanks for the tip! Works pretty well:


Nice work! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Ran across this post looking for a method to go the other way. I’d like to have a way to enter posts on a modx site and have it post to the various social media outlets—5 accounts is simply not enough, and developer mode on mac does not allow video upload.

At any rate… is a great resource for many extras. I have used several without issue. I like that the instagram extra allows the feed to be viewed on the website, rather than jumping you to instagram.