Is there a way to add fields in the resource

I am building a web site and the future editor are very very novice. Then I have to nake it simple

When, they will need to edit a resource, there will need to go the Template Variable to

  1. Add a picture for a resource
  2. Add starting end editing date for another resource

Then I wonder, If I can add a filed in the resource tab

In that way, I could hide all tab excepted the resource tab

I suposed, I could not show a Template Variable to in the resource tab. But there a way, or another way, to have new section with customised fields in the resource tab? where the editor could modify dates, image (and upload it), text (Rich Text)?

You can move any of your TVs to the Resource tab [and much more] using Form Customization

A bit of reading to do but well worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

Let us know if you have any questions.

Thanks a lot, I am going to look at this

You might also consider ClassExtender which would add any fields you need, and create a custom DB table for your data, which would be a lot faster than using TVs. MODX Blog: Why Extend modResource.

Thanks a for your proposition but hinnestly I pain to understand how I can implement it

ClassExtender look nice as it faster, but after installing the plugin, should I edit PHP file to set the new fields I habe to have in the resource tab?

I feel me a bit more confortable with the FormCustomisation but I am confuse with the Profile, the set and rules. My idea is to move my TV which are in the Template variable tab in the resource tab

Could you give me hints to start?

In the Profile just make sure that “Active: ” is checked.

In the Set, choose “Create & Edit Resource” for the “Action”, set “Template:” to the correct template and check “Active: ”.
Then in the tab “Template Variables”, set the column “Region (ID)” for all the TVs to a different region. For example to “modx-resource-main-left”. (You can see the available regions in the “Regions” tab.)

Thanks for your help but I am very new with this kind of solution.
but why can I localize the profile and the set? In the TV properties?

In the manager, you go to :gear: → “Form Customization” (manager/?a=security/forms).
Then click the “Create” button to add a new profile.

Thanks a lot. I will continue with my pdoResource issue and look for that after

FYI, I have never been comfortable with the way Form Customization works. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: