Is there a TV for selecting multiple images from the file system?

The site already has a huge library of images they they use via MIGX. Now for different purposes I want to have a very simple image slideshow on a page, but the client needs to grab some images from their existing library, presumably just using a TV to select them.

After searching around and around, I could only find people using Gallery, which appears like it hasn’t had an update in 10 years. Or MIGX itself, which doesn’t seem to actually have a TV for selecting multiple images.

Even with Gallery plugin, the TV that it comes with seems to only allow selecting one image from the gallery, which is odd.

I’m surprised because I think this would be a very common need, I don’t know what other people do to solve it. I just want a “multi-select” TV that chooses images from existing media source(s). Then I can loop through the URL paths to output them.
If it loops through the entire image object so I can get ALT tags and such, even better.

Does not such TV exist?

its possible to setup MIGX to read all images of a given mediasource - folder into the grid automatically and have checkbox on each image to publish/unpublish them

I solved this one using the standard migx TV. It just took forever figuring out how to define the fields and columns to make it work. The docs are a bit light on all the possible configuration options and syntax.

I created a Media Source for the slides, then used migx TV to select from it, using a custom image TV linked to the media source.

I noticed that in migx, when defining fields in JSON, you can reference either a standard TV type with ‘inputTV’ to reference an existing TV, or ‘inputTVtype’ to reference built-in MODX TV types.