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Is there a script to move a website from Modx to Wordpress?

Yes, you’ve read that right. But before you start throwing stones at me, let me explain.
A client of mine wants to move to Wordpress (mainly because of Gutenberg). I don’t mind creating themes for Wordpress, I’ve already done that before.

My issue is that I have to move all the existing content to Wordpress, it’s not a huge website, I could do that manually but frankly I’d like to avoid that…

I know that Wordpress has built in import/export function, but is there anything similar with Modx?
Has anyone done that before?

Maybe this will help:

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In the past, Wayne made this script: It probably still works, but it’s been a few years.

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Hi @elizabeth and thank you for that.
I’ll try to contact Wayne to see if he would be interested in updating the plugin.