Is there a magic button for FRED Contexts?

Hey guys!! We are building three websites for sister companies and put them all in one build, with three contexts and subdomains for now. then we have FRED for editing.

But FRED loads but doesnt show when we hit “open in FRED”

We have FRED admin permissions set correctly. Any ideas on where to look to fix this?

@matdave mentioned to me it’s cookie related. The default cookie settings will not let you stay logged in. He’ll be back with more details a bit later.

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I’ve changed session_cookie_domain to my top-level domain because I have three subdomains on it. But no. Fred still isn’t activating. it’s loading but not activating. @matdave any input would be appreciated

I have the same issue. Multiple sites with different URLs for different contexts. Fred front end controls load in the web context but not in any other context.

Did you find a solution @redtoad?

I was told @matdave had the answer but alas, I could not get hold of him and he never responded to this. We ended up breaking out our sites into separate builds and doing it that way. Maybe you will have more luck than me…

Probably worth creating an issue about in the Fred issue tracker.

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I searched Github and there’s actually a really simple solution for this. You basically just need to log in to the Manager with the same URL as the context you’re working in. Works for me :slight_smile:

glad it worked for you. unfortunately we didnt have the dns resolved yet on the site we were working on. :slight_smile: