Is there a forum extra available to install?

Hello, is there a forum extra like this one ( for revo? The only one available is Discuss but is the old version of this forum and it’s a bit old (2013).
I need something that works naively with the login section in revo, any recommendation?

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These forums are not running on an instance of Revolution, but are entirely separate (running Discourse). Personally, I’d use this with some sort of SSO implementation into your existing site perhaps?

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Yes I saw that one but have you try it? it works fine with the login system on revo? thanks!

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I’ve not personally used it, no. uses a OAuth2 setup that integrates into our forums and various other services. @digitalpenguin wrote that plugin, though, so he should be able to help you more.

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As far as I know it’s still working fine.
If you have any trouble feel free to ask questions here or open an issue on the repo:


Yes just use the SSO login, everything works fine. You can use SSO with any major forum software with Modx

OK, thank you everyone I’ll try it then.

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