Is the SitemapFriend extra discontinued?

The package manager doesn’t show it anymore.

Recently they made some changes to the "" package provider. I could be, that the package was (maybe accidentally) removed during this process.

Looking at github, this extra hasn’t been changed in a decade.

You could load the transport package from github and install it manually.
Or maybe it’s time to switch to an extra that is better maintained (like GoogleSiteMap or SEOSuite).

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It appears the owner of that extra, with username “robodesign”, is not in the user system. As a result, that extra was not migrated to the new database. I will attempt to find a way to resolve this and report back.

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If you are looking for an alternative, there is pdoSitemap inside the pdoTools extra. SEO Suite has also a Sitemap feature but this extra is more “intrusive” as it adds custom fields to all resources and additional SEO fields…


Yes, I tried the other siteMap Extra’s and I do use them in other projects, but sitemapFriend suited best in this one.

I switched to pdoSitemap finally, just had to set &scheme=full to make it work the same way as sitemapFriend

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