Is the placeholder field mandatory for MIGX?

Based on this tutorial, I got the code below to work:

[[getImageList? &tpl=`chunck` &tvname=`TV` &toSeparatePlaceholders=`place`]]

So far it works, but I realised I forgot to paste the code below into my TV settings:

"fields": [{
  "field": "placeholder",
  "caption": "Placeholder",
  "inputTV": "placeholderTV"
	"header": "Placeholder",
	"width": "10",
	"sortable": "true",
	"dataIndex": "placeholder",
	"renderer": "this.renderPlaceholder"

Is this something I should be worried about ?

As far as I can tell, this field is to show what row/image in the MIGX grid corresponds to which placeholder.

If you start changing the order of the items with drag and drop or delete some of them, then [[+place.1]] won’t necessarily corresponds to the first item in the grid anymore.

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Yes you are right, each placeholder was not corresponding to their respective order.
Therefore, I changed the code, it works know. Tks a lot