Is that possible to add FAQs in different templates (home/about/services)?

I would like to add a faq section that will be repeatable and will use the section in different templates as well. That means I need to add a repeatable section that I will be able to use or display wherever I want. I know MIGX has a repeater field but if I make any field by MIGX I will have to update or take data for each different template. I don’t expect that. I will add data from one place and will display theme in multiple pages.

This is possible with a MIGX TV.
You can call getImageList with the docid - property, where you can call the MIGX output of any Resource.
[[getImageLIst? &tvname=`yourMIGXtv` &tpl=`theItemChunk` &docid=`10`]]

Sorry. I didn’t understand what you meant. Could you please describe the entire process?
And where I can get the docid from?

The docid is the resource-id where the MIGX-TV is assign to.

Let’s say you have a MIGX-TV that you manage on the resource with the id = 10.
Now if you want to display the same TV content on another resource, then you have to specify the docid property in the call to getImageList, so that the snippet knows where to load the data from.

[[getImageList? &tvname=`yourMIGXtv` &tpl=`theItemChunk` &docid=`10`]]

This call (on a arbitrary page) reads the value of the TV yourMIGXtv from the resource with the id = 10 and displays it (using the chunk theItemChunk as a template).

There is also EZfaq.

@halftrainedharry and @bruno17 you made my day. Docid is a resource id and It’s a very easy solution to fetch the content from other resources. But I made it harder with property ([[+property.title]]). At last I am really happy to understand what you told.

Also a special thanks to Bobray. But I don’t need faqs only I need to fetch couple of sections from other resources.