Is it possible to split and modify the output of a TV (date)


I created two TV. One for the event_start and the second for the event_end
As output option, I define a frendly format

I realized it give me a trouble, because I need in US format and to split it, as well.

My HTML template request this
<time datetime="2014-01-28"><span>01</span><i>/</i>28</time>
and [[*event_start]] print

28 janvier 2024

I wonder, if I would better set the outpu option as 2024-01-28. But can we split [[*event_start]] to get the month and the day for the data between the span?

But then can we modify the [[*event_start]] to have the french version.

I wonder, what would be the best way, but in any case, I will need to split [[*event_start]]


Ok sorry, I found the answer

<time datetime="[[+tv.event_start:date=%Y-%m-%d]]"><span>[[+tv.event_start:date=%m]]</span><i>/</i>[[+tv.event_start:date=%d]]</time>

In my TV, I decide to keep the US format 2024-01-28, and format my date following my need in the CHUNK.

Now, the problem I observed, the months are in french but the é is trabsformed
Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 00.04.43


You need to setup a locale with UTF8 support for the strange character.

For the date range you can use the DaterangeTV extra.

Hi, Ok I guessed that but you do that from the server?
I looked at the setting with the key ‘locale’ and from different ways

You have to change the locale system setting from fr_CH to fr_CH.utf8 (or maybe fr_CH.utf-8).

well done, it works with both but I used fr_CH.utf-8