Is it possible to install add-ons from CLI?


On each new MODX website I build, I always install the 6 same addons (pdoTools, batcher, collections, translit…)
I’m looking to improve my workflow during new install, and I wonder if it is possible to install addon from command line ?

Teleport is able to install extra packages from the CLI, you’ll want to inject it.

Does Packman still work? You could try that.

Hej @spheerys, modmore Gitify is great for that. I build an export with everything i need for a new project: GitHub - jenswittmann/MODX-Gitify-Preset: Preset for a clean MODX Installation with Gitify. A good start for CurlyFramework.

Feel free to ask or copy it for yourself.

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Thanks to all for your answers.
I think Gitify will be the best solution in my case :slight_smile:

Humm Gitify has an issue with package:install command under MODX3…