Is it possible to have a Submit button part way through a Formalicious form?

As the title says, I’d like to have a Submit button before the end of the form and wonder if it’s possible using Formalicious?
Thanks for any help

So what’s the goal here? Moving the Submit button between the form fields?

You could probably achieve this, by creating a new “Field Type” and then copying the code for the Submit button from the &tplForm chunk to the chunk for this “Field Type”.

Or you could Javascript to move the button client-side once the form is loaded.

Thanks @halftrainedharry
There are 2 places within the form where the form needs an option to be submitted because all the information has already been collected so no need to continue.
I will try creating a new form Field Type as you suggest and report back.
Thanks so much for your help:-)

Hmm, that’s not quite working.
The Submit code is:

<button type="submit" class="btn" name="submit-form[[+id]]" value="[[!+submitTitle]]" title="[[!+submitTitle]]">

This displays a ‘next’ button on the first page and a ‘submit’ button on the last page but neither button seems to submit the form.
I’ll give it another look tomorrow but any pointers appreciated.

Try instead using the button code from the default form template:

Thanks again.
That still generates a ‘Next’ button unless on the final page.
Wondering if I need to do something with a output filter?..(taken from Sterc’s github page above)…

[[!+step:neq=`1`:then=`<a href="[[!+prevUrl]]" class="btn btn--prev" title="[[%formalicious.prev? &namespace=`formalicious` &topic=`default`]]">
            [[%formalicious.prev? &namespace=`formalicious` &topic=`default`]]

So you have a multi-step form and you want to skip a step? Is that the goal?

If that’s the case, then I don’t think this can be done without changing the source code of the Formalicious extra.