Is it Docmanager Extra deprecated? looking for a documents manager

Hi, I’ve installed Docmanager Extra but it doesn’t work and it seems it hasn’t been upgraded for a long time. I’m getting these errors in the log

[2020-03-12 02:46:41] (ERROR in modManagerRequest::prepareResponse @ /var/www/html/site/core/model/modx/modmanagerrequest.class.php : 187) modAction support is deprecated since version 2.3.0. Support for modAction has been replaced with routing based on a namespace and action name. Please update the extra with the namespace docmanager to the routing based system.
[2020-03-12 02:46:41] (ERROR in modManagerController::render @ /var/www/html/site/core/model/modx/modmanagercontroller.class.php : 155) modManagerControllerDeprecated support is deprecated since version 2.2.0. 
[2020-03-12 02:46:41] (ERROR @ /var/www/html/site/core/components/docmanager/controllers/index.php : 8) PHP warning: require_once(indexmodel/docmanager/docmanager.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory

Is there maybe another extra that I could use for documents manager (.pdf,.docx,.xlsx) ?

I’d appreciate your help

I did a little digging around the modx extras site. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an equivalent extra out there. I thought maybe splittingred might have something on his github, but looking here, theres sadly nothing. I don’t think he’s doing much developing in modx anymore. I know a lot of his other extras have either been picked up by other community members or by the modx team.

As for the errors, I think the first two errors can be ignored for now, they will need to be fixed for modx 3 though. That last error makes it seem like the docmanager class file isn’t there. Maybe there was an issue installing the extra?

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I think you might get docManager to run if you edit line 8 of this file:


Change the require_once call to include the full, actual path of the docmanager.class.php file.

require_once 'absolute/path/to/docmanager.class.php';

If you change the log_deprecated System Setting, the other two messages should go away.

I did change the path as you said.

require_once '/var/www/html/site/core/components/docmanager/model/docmanager/docmanager.class.php';

But now I’m getting this error.

 (ERROR @ /var/www/html/site/core/xpdo/xpdo.class.php : 503) Path specified for package docmanager is not a valid or accessible directory: indexmodel/

I change the path too for the next lines but I’m getting the same error mentioned above.

@frankie_tech and @bobray, I deleted the package and installed it again and tada… the installation wasn’t completed, I think the same thing happened the first time.

Comenzando instalación del paquete con firma: docmanager-2.1-beta6 
PHP notice: Undefined offset: 2
Paquete encontrado, preparando para la instalación...
Seleccionando espacio de trabajo del paquete...
PHP notice: Undefined offset: 2 
Entorno del espacio de trabajo inicializado, instalando el paquete...
Could not load class: modLexiconTopic from mysql.modlexicontopic.
Could not load vehicle!
Could not load class: modLexiconLanguage from mysql.modlexiconlanguage.
Could not load vehicle!
Paquete instalado con éxito docmanager-2.1-beta6
PHP notice: Undefined offset: 2

Maybe Bob can confirm this, but I believe the lexicon warnings are just to let you know it hasn’t been localized. I did find this in the old forums (and a familiar face), apparently other users in the past have had trouble removing docmanager. Similar error messages too.

I’m not really a PHP developer, but the Undefined offset: 2 did turn up this on stackoverflow. Hopefully, these resources help! This has exceeded the scope of my knowledge, haha