Is a symlink able to render the linked resource including child-resources as on the original page?

I want to re-use a ‘block’ from another page. This block is in fact a resource with a few child-resources that are gathered with pdoResources.
It doesn’t seem to work as only the content of the symlinked resource is shown, not the child resources.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do.

But when you have a [[pdoResources]] tag in the content of one resource, then in a Symlink of this resource you should get the same result. Maybe you have to explicitly set the &parent property.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I was doing and I set this &parent property via a TV. But it doesn’t work (there’s only a debug array with length 1 as output on the page).
Then I realised this is the same problem I had building the whole site. Apparently you can’t nest Templates (ah this difficult to explain). The block that is duplicating the original block needs a TV that indicates which template it should use. Then the main Template can get the correct sub template via &tplCondition=tv.blockType &conditionalTpls=…`.
In the end I’m not setting it as a Symlink, but a regular resource that get’s it’s children from the original parentblock via the id set in a TV.

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