Installation & Domain help

I could use some guidance on the right way to do this.

My client currently has a site I’ll call running on Word Press. I want to setup a Modx site on a subdomain I’ll call We will link from the WP site to the Modx site for the special content and back to the WP site for mainsite content.

The client already has separate hosting setup for the special content site with a primary domain that isn’t either of these domains. I’m pretty sure these two sites will have separate IP addresses.

I’m not sure how to setup all this up properly. Here’s what I’m thinking.

Edit the DNS records for the mainsite URL and point the subdomain to this server and to the folder for the Modx installation.

Create an addon domain to the hosting for the subdomain that is

This will setup a subfolder on the server where I can install Modx. I assume the modx install will use this subdomain and folder path in the configuration during setup and that once we point the subdomain to that folder, it should bring up the subdomain site.

Am I thinking about this correctly?

Hi @terrybarth !
Your steps are perfectly correct, please start. If something goes wrong, send your questions here.


Thank you so much!