Install of extras

After full installation of extra it doesn’t work at all (previously worked), might be that the option to install extras disappeared after all files were transferred one folder prior example was /htdocs/modx/index.html now /htdocs/index.html and it changed location of files, would like to know which of the files containes link for extras?

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Hi sorry I didn’t see this post, you install extras in the Modx manager, one of the top links will take you to the extra search bar

Helllo @nuan88

The thing is that they are installed fully through the modx manager panel, but the thing is for example i have installed the Seo Tab, but, when i try to open its panel all i see is white screen, same with Google Analytics add-on, and so on. In the case of SeoPro usage it was needed to create extra fields in the landing page “setting” area, but it didn’t.

What would be the problem?

Thank you!

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The problem has been solved, the most important par to change in config file the place where the modx takes the info about the extra

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Ah great you got it, yes there are three important config files on the server, telling Modx where everything is

Good work!

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