Install modx on remote server Setup folder deleted

Hi everybody,
I am about to transfert my website from local machine to remote server. But i deleted the setup folder at the first local install. How can i recover it or can i do to upgrade when going online. i am using Revo 2.7.1 on xampp. Thank you for feedback.

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Hi @ulrichsoh,

Welcome to the Modx community.

Have a look on this page:

For modx 2.7.1 you just need to change the config of the config php files. There is nothing on the database do update.
You will need to know the paths in advance of your hosting account where you have to place the Modx instance.

Regarding setup directory, download the modx 2.7.1 from the modx site and copy only the setup directory to the hosting server and run it as usual (like an upgrade process).

Please remember to confirm on the FTP if the setup folder was deleted after finishing the setup (this is very important).

Good luck and ping us here so we can help you again if necessary.


Thank jnogueira

let me test all this and get you the return.

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Maybe to simple, but just download the correct version of Modx and upload only the Setup folder.

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This should work I believe

it will work. Yesterday I had to migrate a site and tested this method (I always do everything by hand normally) and all went just fine.

The setup will find the server paths automatically, update file permissions and configs if necessary. This is the best way for those giving the first steps in Modx.

@ulrichsoh, how is it going?

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hi Jnogueira,
i installed it everything ii’s almost Okay but still can’t access to my files in asset. like my images can’t display my images.
Thanks you for all.

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Well that can be related with file permissions.
You will need to check that file owner is correct according to cPanel FTP user.

Then confirm if all folders are 755 and all files 644.
Then go to core/cache and delete everything inside that folder.

Re-run setup and should do the trick.

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This could be a paths issue, your config files need to have the right paths for assets…

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Hi i finally soved the issue. I was ising the wrong folder name in my reference file. “Image” "image. In my local install on windows there was no problem. Probleme de casse de caractère. Case characters.
Thank you for all your guidance.

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