Install Lingua on modx 3 or are there any alternative?

Hello. Is there any way to install lingua plugin to modx 3? I tryed to install it via package manager but keep getting SQL syntax errors. Is there any alternative to this plugin? Or any way to install it on modx 3? I tryed to use a babel but it requeres a lot of setup. Or is there any documentation on how to translate a website without to have to create contexts for each language?

The Lingua extra hasn’t been updated in years and looking at the github repo, it seems that there isn’t much activity either.

The way Lingua integrates into the manager, I suspect it would take some effort to make it compatible with MODX3. Maybe someone makes it happen (but I wouldn’t count on it anytime soon).

Personally, I would use Babel as it already seems to be compatible with MODX3.

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