Importing Drupal sites to MODX Revolution

Maybe (probably) a stupid question but:
I am getting tired of Drupal’s just about weekly upgrades, and therefore wanting to ‘backup’ sites with HTtrack and then importing/converting them into a Revolution install.
I have done a few simple sites already and all looks & functions well.
My question is: Will I be importing Drupal security vulnerabilities (in templates & javascripts) or am I somewhat protected ‘behind’ Revo?

If all you’re taking from the drupal sites is the html,css and some javascript then you should be fine. It’s the JS that could potentially be a concern but assuming you developed the site yourself and you’re only taking the JS that YOU wrote and maybe some trusted libraries if needed, then you’ll be fine.

Thank you for the quick reply.
Unfortunately I am doing it ‘dirty’ at this point (taking in Drupal js). I am not doing much JS yet, but I guess I will have to go through them all.

Do you know what kinds of tasks the ‘Drupal JS’ is doing? And is it core Drupal JS or JS which is attached to the templates you’re moving across?

I will have to look more into it, but there are some drupal core scripts. I will test which scripts actually are loaded. The site is https://www.buddhaslæ

My plan is to fully re-create the site(s) in Revo and thereby eliminate potential problems. This was as said quick & dirty move via HTtrack.

If it’s a temp fix then i think you’ll be ok. The worry really is for XSS vulnerabilities but I would imagine that the FE core js should be secure for the most part, but I wouldn’t want it hanging around for long personally.

Busy cleaning up the site. At this point no js scripts outside of Revo is loaded (as far as I can see) - so I’m ‘safe’.