Importing data from a database table into a resource tree

Hey guys. tell me if it is possible to add data to the resource tree from the database table.To create a separate page and fill in the TV fields?

If you want to create a new resource for every row in your table, you have to write some code:

  1. Query the data in your database table.
  2. For every row, create a new MODX resource with $modx->newObject('modResource');
  3. Set the resource fields like “parent”, “pagetitle”, “template”, etc. and save the resource.
  4. Set the TV values with $new_resource->setTVValue('tv_name', 'tv_value');

Alternatively use the MODX resource/create processor.

Maybe you could also use the extra ImportX. This extra creates new resources from a CSV file. So you have to export your database table to a CSV file first.

Maybe you could also use the data from your database table directly in your site without creating a resource for every entry.
You could take a look at MIGXdb for managing custom database tables in a CMP.

thank you. They gave me some ideas