Images in Wayfinder menu

I have created a TV for each sub menu page including an image.

I am Using the following chunk to get the image displayed:

  • [[+image]] [[+menutitle]]
  • Im the template I am using:
    [[!Wayfinder? &startId=2 &outerClass=[[*menutitle]] &hereTpl=SubMenu]]

    I would like the image to appear for each menu item, but at the moment it only appears for the current page. What am I doing wrong or havew missed?

    Many thanks

    the hereTpl is only used for the current page.
    If you want to change the output of all items, use the rowTpl
    Wayfinder - Wayfinder | MODX Documentation

    @bruno17 Thank you ever so much for this, it is all now solved!

    Following this I have hit another problem, the images are added to the sub pages and when you are on the sub-page the image appears, but not on the home page:

    -Home - different template no sub-menu

    • Menu1 - All use the same template. Sub1 and 2 show images, but not Menu1, any reason?

    what is the produced source code of the menu, if you are on the home page?
    Could you copy it from your browsers dev-tools and paste it here ?

    <nav class="secondary"> <ul class="Quizzes"><li class="first"><a href="[index.php?id=4](view-source:" title="Pub" >Pub</a></li> <li><a href="[index.php?id=5](view-source:" title="Music" >Music</a></li> <li><a href="[index.php?id=6](view-source:" title="Darts" >Darts</a></li> <li><a href="[index.php?id=7](view-source:" title="Countdown" >Countdown</a></li> <li class="last"><a href="[index.php?id=8](view-source:" title="Quingo" >Quingo</a></li> </ul> </nav>

    Just worked out where the issue is and it is all working now.
    @bruno17 Thank you so much for your help with this.


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