Image+ with and without pThumb

I am using Image+ and I’m having troubles understanding when pThumb is to be used and when it’s not. My goal is to have an image TV with predefined max-width, so I want a generated thumbnail that obeys that setting.

My imageTV is set to Image+, both for Input and Output Options. In the Output Options I have additionally set the Additional phpThumb Parameters to &w=1000 and defined my output template to be:

<img src="[[+url]]" alt="[[+alt]]"/>

Then I call the Image+ snippet like this:

[[ImagePlus? &tvname=`imageTV`]]

My issue is though, that the image still is not resized according to my specified setting, therefore I was wondering, if those settings only apply with the use of pthumb output filter and if so, is there a way to set the max-width directly within Image+?

I believe you have to output your image-TV like this


to get the resized version according to the Output Options.

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