Image TV with different path for each user

What is optimal way these days to setup an image TV which allows each Manager user to have their own folder for images, and they can’t navigate out of their own folder?

For example /images/[[+username]]/

And for an admin user to be able to use the same TV but have root access on the file system.

I’m sure this has come up before, I just can’t find this exactly solution anywhere.



It’s not that I’ve got the solution - but [[+username]] should never be at part of the path - because of security! Don’t expose a part of the credentials.

Off the top of my head, I think media sources would be the best way to do that. Give users access to their own media source and admins can access all media sources.

Thanks for the suggestion, with this approach wouldn’t a different Media Source be required for each user? With 200-300 users there would need to be also 200-300 Media Sources setup?

it is possible to use MODX tags within the mediasource path and url.
So, you can put a snippet there, which generates the path

Yes, it would require a media source for each user. Bruno’s suggestion would be easier, provided security is not a concern here.