Image Plus Template path

Hi, I am trying to use image plus to add a hero image to my blog articles. I ahve create the TV, the template chunk, and have included the call in the article instance template where I want the image to appear.

The issue I am having is the path that is being generated for the image looks like a server side path, rather than a web visible path. (e.g. /home/sites/…)

My Call looks like this:


Any help would be much appreciated.

What exactly is in “ArticleImageTemp”?
Also, what are the Output settings on the TV ArticleMainImage?

‘ArticleImageTemp’ is the template chunk for the image+ output:

div class=“col-wrap”
img alt="[[+alt]]" class=“content-img” src="[[+source.src]]"

(I have removed the tags < so that it will show)

The only thing that has changed from the standard output settings is the reference to the output template.
If you need to know anything else let me know. Thanks for your help.

I would try changing [[+source.src]] to [[+url]], and then edit the TV itself, changing the Output from “default” to “Image+”. See if that works. There are more settings that can be adjusted.