Image plus image++ best way to crop

just a question

when using extra imageplus

What I want:

crop the image the way you want it and then it will resize the cropped image to a specific size

I could only do this using 2x phtumb. surly there is a better way? am I missing something

where [[+options]] are w=500&h=200&f=webp&zc=1
and [[+crop.options]] is however the image gets cropped e.g sx=0&sy=0&sw=2600&sh=2200

so first pthumb renders image that was cropped by the user
2nd pthumb renders image with additional parameters so they are all the same on the website

am I missing something? as calling it 2 times cant be right

if I use 1. pthumb and call
my options will over write crop options and it does not crop right

it works using 2x phhumb calls but it feels its not right and resource intensive?

If I recall correctly, there is a problem with the phpThumb library when you try to use zc=1 in combination with the crop options sx, sy, sw and sh. The image gets distorted.

Take a look a this topic:

thanks I will investigate