Image Notes and Caption

I am use to using Typo3 but have a historic website I am creating and want to use Modx. The only thing holding me back is in Typo3 when I upload a picture I can put the caption, alt text and notes (like the source of the photo) right there with the picture. Otherwise I wouldn’t know what the pictures are. Is there anything like that on Modx available which I just haven’t seen?

That depends on how you’re uploading it. If you’re placing it into the content area with a rich text editor (like TinyMCE or Redactor) the options available to you are dictated by the editor, not by MODX. If you’re uploading it via a template variable, then you would need to create separate variables for the meta data or you would need to use something like MIGx to create a custom variable to store meta data along with the image path. If you’re talking about general uploads using the media browser, I’m not aware of a way to include meta data.

If including this data is essential to you then you’re probably better off using a gallery addon to manage your images (something like MoreGallery from ModMore).

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Thank you so much for your response. That is exactly what I did was create a new template with TVs for each piece of information. Then I wrote a snippet so when an image is placed in a resource, the caption and alt text are automatically added.

ContentBlocks could also be interesting to build pages with images (and other media) inserted in user-defined places, rather than them having a fixed position in the template as a TV.

The image field can have settings for the user to add a caption/alt text/notes alongside it, and you can define on the image field how that’s rendered into HTML.

It’s a bit of a different from the TV approach and may not be ideal for all sites, but might actually remind you of some ways of building things in Typo3. IIRC that has some similar page building.