Image+ Error Message on MoreGallery Blog Posts

I recently installed Image+ on a site to force users to use an image of a certain size/aspect ratio in an existing image Tv. The posts are held under a Collections resource, and are a MoreGallery resource types I use for blog posts. The gallery function is not currently being used on the blog posts yet, so the error couldn’t be coming from that extra.

Once I installed the extra, modified the existing image Tv to be an Image+ Tv with the correct size (2000x400) set, I started getting errors every time I visited the blog post resources. The following error pops up in a modal.

The selected image is too small to be used here. Please select a different image.

This error does not show on resources of a standard Document type that have the same Tv, just MoreGallery ones it seems.

The image set is exactly the 2000x400 size I set in the Tv settings, and it outputs on the front-end fine (phpthumbof functioning properly), just like the other pages that don’t produce the error. I tried reselecting the image and saving, and clearing the cache, but it’s no use.

Anyone have any ideas of how to resolve this?

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It seems there was an issue with the image files themselves and the app I used to export them. As a result the manager wouldn’t recognize the image size properly. I just switched to a new app, and the issue is solved.

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