Image Compression

How to compress the image in Modex. and I want to Use Cloudinery Image Compression It is Possible and What is the Method uses Claudinery uses.

Some basic image manipulation techniques using phpthumbof are explained in the documentation:

Those same instructions are valid for the more recent pthumb.

I don’t think there’s currently a cloudinary integration for MODX readily available.

Cloudinary has a documented API with some examples that you can follow. Essentially you’re passing the image through the API and getting a result. If you’re using FormIt to handle the upload of the image on the front end then you can just create a custom hook that passes the file through the API and gets a result.

If you want to compress images as the web editor uploads them in the back end then you’ll need to hook into the correct event (not sure what that is off hand).

If you want to use an image compressor in general, not just for front end upload forms, then as @markh suggested you can also take a look at pthumb extra for MODX which has an OK compression rate.