iFrames won't work

Hi there,

We’re using version 2.8.3 and would like to know how to get iFrames to display on our webpages please. I add the HTML code (from Google Maps, for example) and it simply displays a sad face in its place!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Is there some message or maybe an error message in the console of the browser’s developer tools (F12 or CTRL + Shift + i) that indicates why it fails?

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Possibly down to mod-security?

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@synodsa I’m assuming it could either be a “CORS”-error or a “Same-Origin-Policy”-problem.

You should definitely check the console, as it very likely has an error-message in it:


Thanks for your assistance everyone. There doesn’t appear to be an error in the console but upon deeper investigation with IT it could be due to the fact our site has its X-Frame-Options Header set to ‘SAME ORIGIN’. Would this ring true?

This just ensures that your content can’t be embedded into other sites.
You should still be able to embed other sites (if they allow it).