Ideas and feedback on extra

Hi guys, I wanted to share a very quick demo of an extra iI’m been working that just finished migrating to MODX3, this extra basically crates a bridge betwen Vue and MODX allowing integration of tags, snippets and so on, along Vue code, as well as seen it live for development, and building it using Vite for production.

I’ve used it so far for small transacional apps, and has improved my delivery times, and overall developer/custopmer experience

If you got the time, I’ll really aprreciate any ideas, critiscism, or improvements you migth think, I just finished stabilizing the dev version, and colelction feedback to decide how the public version should look like

usage cases I can think of:
Anyone needing ot easily integrate NPM/Js based front ends directly into MODX
Functional components libraries
Building existing MODX pages with Vite to improve performance

Form my current pipilene of ideas I have:

  1. Run it low level directly agains respurces and chunks to easily itnegrate it with extras like content bloks among others.
  2. Integrate with other extras to ease the Rest services/ database management processes.
  3. Remove the use of exec that runs vite inside the server and have a client to run the npm part at client side
  4. Currently only SSG is supported, so another next step would be to add SSR to fully grasp the power of Vue/MODX

Thanks a lot for any ideas or inputs

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