Idea for MODX3 - 'Notes' field for making notes during development

Might be too late to put this into the current version but I thought it might be a good idea to have an extra field in all the elements (Resources, Snippets, Chunks etc) where the developer can put in notes such as todos (A good example would be ‘Change path to live site’) while working on the site.

All of these notes would be visible from the dashboard so could be run through as a checklist.

There’s no easy way to do this in MODX that I know of in the same way you could do when creating something in an IDE.


How about just creating a TV called “Notes” and attaching it to all templates ? :wink:

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@bobray is right, you could always add your own. I think something built into MODX would be fantastic though!

Here’s a quick mock:

This is how I picture the notes in MODX:

  • It’s always available in the navigation
  • Each note has an icon that matches the asset’s type, for quick reference
  • Link to the asset being referenced (resource, snippet, chunk…), “View…”
  • Click the add button to add a note, automatically referencing the asset you’re on
  • Click the filter button to sort by date, asset type, text, and maybe have a search field that pops up
  • Select the note to read it in full (assuming it doesn’t fit in preview)
  • Select the note to see archive icon, click it to mark it complete
    • Maybe a “Notes” interface is available under the cog, that would allow you to see all of your notes, including the archives ones
  • Select the note to see trash icon, click it to remove the note

Sorry about going crazy with this pipe dream! :innocent:

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