I wrote a GUI application with Qt for managing translations

Hello everyone,

i have written an application to edit MODX lexicon files.

I don’t use the Babel extra or similar for internationalization in MODX, but I use lexicon files and let the user choose the language via flag links, which set a cookie that is evaluated server-side.

Because I have to edit topic files quite often, I recently wrote a GUI application in C++ (a QtQuick application using Qt 6.5.1). This application can read the translations from a lexicon directory. The translations are stored internally in a SQLite database. It was most important to me that I can quickly create new topics and that I can see and edit the translations for a translation key (for the respective languages) in a single dialog window.

I don’t know if anyone besides me has any use for this application, but I thought I’d show it to you.

I have published the application on github ( GitHub - bkweb/ModxLinguist ). I also uploaded binaries (for Windows 64-bit) in a release ( Releases · bkweb/ModxLinguist · GitHub ). The zip file can be unpacked and the application run directly from the directory (everything is included, no installation needed).

I would be interested in what you guys think.

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Sounds pretty cool, I’ll give it a try, funny thing. I’m doing something a bit similar but as an extra

Sounds great. You might want to take a look at the code of the MyComponent extra’s LexiconHelper snippet. It Identifies lexicon strings by looking for language tags and calls to $mod->lexicon(), for example. It produces report on language strings missing from Lexicon files (with the option of adding them automatically) and also reports unused lexicon strings. I use it a lot, and it might give you some ideas for new features.

@camicase82 Good luck with that. I’m looking forward to the release of your extra.

@bobray Thank you, I actually got inspired and added an import function that imports translation keys from HTML and PHP files.

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Hi, @bkaiser just published an article on how to use it! MODX integration with VUE Let me know your thoughts!