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I want to create a website for a language school

I just started my development path on Modx. In the near future I want to create something like this site, or rather a site with similar functionality. Maybe someone had a similar experience and he will tell through which plugins or programs this site is implemented. What do you need to study to create a similar site?

Here is a description of the functionality of this site:

The main advantage of the school is a specially designed unique platform that simulates the classroom and makes learning English on Skype effective and convenient. Thanks to the synchronization of the screen of the teacher and the student, a feeling of complete presence is created, which is not inferior to the traditional transfer of knowledge in classrooms. At any time, the student has access to his personal account. In it, you can view materials from archived lessons, do homework, and track current information regarding training. Implemented automatic verification of homework in real time. A huge number of grammar articles are available. Our experts also took care of the teacher’s comfortable work: for convenience, the teacher has a personal account, which stores detailed statistics on student learning history. The accounting policy sn is fully visible to the teacher and is controlled from the personal account.


Maybe Modx is not the right tool. You could also look at Moodle.