I have problem to setup SMTP with formit


Usually, I can do it without problem and without SMTP:
My form a a lot of field, I do not know if it’s see the reason that formit display a success message when I send my form, but I never receive a message.

I tried to setup SMTP as the following, but nothing is sent, and bad, formit does not show an error message or a ssucc sent

Did I do something wrong?

In the log , I have that error

ch/core/components/formit/src/FormIt/Request.php : 131) PHP warning: Undefined variable $operator

Try the extra QuickEmail to debug issues with the sending of E-Mails.
Also maybe take a look a this page in the documentation (and maybe this page for MODX cloud).

Also, if you (temporarily) remove the “email” hook and your form still doesn’t send, then your form has a different issue.

It’s only a warning and unrelated to the email sending.


Thanks, I did it and I am surprise to see that

subject: Default Subject
to: devnull@installatron.com
fromName: QuickEmail
replyTo: devnull@installatron.com
emailSender: devnull@installatron.com
allowHtml: 1
Message Body: Default Message

because I configured formit with my e-mail as the following

	&emailSubject=`Insciption aux cours individuels`
	&validationErrorMessage=`Une erreur s'est produite. Vérifiez la saisie du formulaire.`
	&successMessage=`Votre message a bien été envoyé!`

Why &emailSubject and my e-mail is not sown it the log above?

QuickEmail has nothing to do with FormIt. It’s just a way of testing your mail service and the mail-related System Settings.

If QuickEmail works to send a message, you know the problem is with FormIt, not your mail system and settings. If it doesn’t, something is wrong with your mail system or settings.

Are you using Gmail for SMTP? They now require you to set up an App password to do that.