I have developed an extra in modx cloud. How do I host the transport package in modx cloud?

I have created an extra for our internal software that we want to install on multiple modx cloud installs. How can I become a package provider using modx cloud as the host?

Can’t you just manually install your transport package on your sites?
This seems way easier than creating your own package provider.


Will the updates be pushed out when I update the extra on my development modx install?

No, nothing gets pushed out.
But this would be the case, even if you created your own package provider API.

It’s not very clear to me what exactly you are trying to achieve.

You could take a look at Teleport. Maybe this is what you want?

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The only thing that we want is when we update our extra we want the update button to appear in modx managers that the extra is installed on. Similar to this:

Having this functionality would streamline our upgrade process. I guess we could just upload the new transport package when we want to update an install and just press reinstall.

On a quick look, it seems like the process of creating your own provider is poorly documented. Only managed to find some very old repo and a thread, one option could be to check any of the existing providers and see if they are suitable for you to use, the second and simpler, is just to have your package on a downloadable location, so your other installations can easily access it, as you described on your previous message

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Yes the second option is what I’ll be going with. We plan to stop using this extra in a few months anyway so it wouldn’t make much since to create a package host after seeing how difficult it might be.

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We do not have a timeline on it, however, the newly launched Extras at extras.modx.com will eventually enable private providers.

For additional options, it might be worth discussing your needs with the MODX Cloud team as we could use this use case within the context of our product planning. It would be doable to push Snapshots of Extras when you build a new release for your package. It would require a custom snapshot and all the sites would need to be in Cloud.

Feel free to hit us up at support [at] modxcloud [dot] com and we can discuss this use case and potential options. :slight_smile:

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