Hubspot CRM Integration

Is there a way to integrate Hubspot CRM with Modx? Things like scheduling a meeting, newsletter sign up and events listing.

Not sure if anyone did that before, but these kind of very specific integrations might not exist as of today.

Sterc does a lot of hubspot these days and has an extra available (, but I have no idea how much that does. The GitHub repository suggests it only adds a tracking code.

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Thanks Mark - yes the Sterc extra doesn’t seem to do more than that from what I can tell.

What kind of integration are you looking for @chrisandy? Is there a specific type of visitor activity you’re looking at tracking and recording in MODX? Is it a UI (Custom Manager Page) you want within MODX?

Hi Jay. My client wants to be able to show, on her website, the sections she has set up in Hubspot, that include; setting up a meeting schedule, newsletter sign up, upcoming events. I’m not sure if that’s possible at all. It’s the public facing side of things and not manager-based.

Having questioned the client it looks like we can just embed widgets. From what I’d previously read I was expecting something a little more sophisticated!

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Feel free to contact us directly in the future @chrisandy!

At Sterc and our other company Heibel we love to tell your more about our MODX/Hubspot integrations.

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