HTTPS Website Showing Not Secure On Windows 7

Greetings to all, I am maintaining this small Blogsite. Whenever I try to open it on a PC running Windows 7, it shows “not secure” beside the URL. My SSL is valid and I have already asked my hosting company, but they weren’t able to answer it. Is it a browser issue? If anyone has any clue on what is causing this, please help me. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hi there @TraceSchulist ,
Your website blog (and SSL) is OK for me from various browsers but on Win 10, probably problem is specific for your environment only)) What do you exactly see(screenshot will be helpful)? Which browser do you use?

SSL Labs is a great tool to analyse SSL configuration issues:

From the looks of it, your SSL is set up perfectly for modern browsers - perhaps the browser you’re using on Win7 does not support SNI or TLS 1.2+

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It also looks fine to me. Since you mentioned Windows 7 I tried it in IE but still didn’t see the issue. If you’re really on Win7, that could be the issue. The site looks like it’s using TLS 1.2, which I think Win7 didn’t support. I would recommend upgrading to 10 as soon as possible.

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