.htaccess file (long page load time )


Page load time is 25 Seconds when changing file ht.access to .htaccess to get friendly url.
Why is this?
What have i done wrong

The htaccess is from the standard download. I have not change any code here:

Did you turn on the friendly_alias_urls System Setting?

Do the friendly URLs work?

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Good evening,

Please try what bobray says, he’s usually right

but in case he isn’t make sure you have removed ht.access. I recently had an issue where my page was taking a long time to load and it was because I was loading multiple .js files - I removed one and then it removed the long load times.

Hi Bobray !
After many hours of investigation I found an error in the template and one js. that didn’t work when I turned on .htaccess . Now the page load time is great.

Thank you for the tip. The friendly url works fine :slight_smile:

I’m glad you got it sorted. :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting back.

Great. It is a very nice CMS.
Grreetings from Sweden