Howto let members edit their own data?


I have a member section and want a member to be able to edit his own data when he is logged in

I think i can manage a members only section but how would i go about making a member edit his own profile page? like their phonenumber etc.
How can i be sure that when a member is logged in he can only edit his own data or resource and not have access to other members data? is there an extra for that?

Take a look at the Login Extra. That should provide everything you want or atleast to build on.

I checked ‘Login’ out allready but that doesn’t allow you to edit one resource based on the login.
it lets you edit the fields, also extended, in a user profile. but i want a user to be able to edit only one resource.

If I understand you correctly, you want to have a profile page for each user and the data should be edited by each of themindividually, right?

I would still use Login to give each user the ability to edit their personal data.

However the resource displaying this data itself would be created/generated by you and would display the entered data of each user. So we keep the users in the front-end. Or is their more data to be edited by the users than what you can cover through the profile and extended fields?

It sounds like you want this: UpdateProfile. It’s part of the Login package.

I don’t think so. Update profile allows me to edit the user date and extended data. But not the richtext-content field of a resource. I want a member to be able to edit their ‘resource’ their member page that is on the site.


For that, you’d probably want NewsPublisher or something like it.

I’ll look into Newspublisher. does it play nice with Redactor and Contentblocks?

Sorry, no idea. MarkH would probably know.

ContentBlocks, definitely no.

Redactor 3 might be adaptable to work with NewsPublisher (we got it working with Fred in the front-end, too), but security wise that is built with trusted manager users in mind: think uploading files and accessing information about the site. While we avoid introducing vulnerabilities and consider it secure, for front-end users who can potentially sign themselves up I’d want those type of features to be more restrictive.

There’s a wide variety of RTEs available that you can use and customise in a front-end setting with just a few lines of javascript. For Redactor you can grab a license from Imperavi to use it standalone as well, but an open source option might be just as suitable if you only use a stripped down version.

I should mention that NewsPublisher uses TinyMCE and elFinder by default.

Are your goals here to create a public facing document for each username that shows in the document tree? And then only allow that document to be edited by the matching user?

Or are you instead trying to build a user profile page on the fly when the right URL is requested?

I wanted a user to be able to edit a normal resource that was assigned to them without giving them the complete manager.
I ended up with a specific form customisation, from which i took out almost everything except the content field and a couple of TV’s. several pages have been assigned a userID in a TV.
So based on the login of the user i can show an edit button on each research that matches the userID and TVid.
when then user clicks on that button he will go to the manager with an update action and the ID of that page now they can edit that page in the stripped down manager layout.
And it works great. This way i can use Contentblocks because it is inside the manager.
NewsPublisher would have been an option too if it could use redactor and CB.