How you organize / categorise elements?

I use modx for several years and still I didn’t found a good way to categorise all elements :slight_smile:

Most of the time I create a category EXTRAS where I move all installed extras. Then I create categories like: -“page” where I put head, header, footer,… chunks
-“forms” (all related to forms and emaild)
-“lists” or “content” where are chunks used in pdotools ect…
-“blocks” various blocks on page
-“utility” various utility snippets

Works well but I’m not happy with it. After each extra update I have to move that folder into extra and on larger sites I get a lot of categories which can be messy :slight_smile:

In few latest projects I tried to use fewers snippets as possible and usualy I have one snippet which call various methods from custom class. So instead of 10 snippets I have one class with 10 methods in it.

In current project instead of class I use a snippet which includes various php files. Depending od what I need. I’m trying to minimze elements count and move whatever I can into files.

Anyway… I’m interested to get few examples from other developers. How you do it and how you keep things organized ?

Almost all extras will create their own categories. They’re listed in alphabetical order, so they’re easy to find. I leave them alone so I don’t have to move anything when an extra is updated.

I normally create a base category for site specific snippets and then create the structure under that.
Extras will create their own categories outside that base one.

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Keep in mind that the search bar at the upper left of the Manager will find resources, chunks, snippets, and plugins and give you a link to edit them. It’s quite fast.

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yea, I use searchbar and it helps a lot but still is nice to have things organized. I never had access to manager of mid-size or bigger site made by someone else so I could compare how is done vs. my way.

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I also create a base category where all my snippets, chunks, plugins, templates and told cars are then moved to.
I never touch on the categories created by the extras.

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