How to use tagger for multi-level filtering

Is it possible to use Tagger for mulit-level filtering?

For a webshop, I want to have the possibility for visitors to search/filter on different ways.
It’s a shop for stones and every object is unique. The main characteristics of each stone are material, shapes, colour, medicinal effect, and some more. When a visitor looks for a stone, the first step of his search should be any of the characteristics and then the second step one of he remaining characteristics and so one. For example:
Step 1. Colour 2. Shape 3. Material 4. Medicinal effect
Step 1. Material 2 Medicinal effect 3. Colour 4. Shape
Step 1 Medicinal effect 2. Colour 3. Shape 4. Material

In the end, the result should be the same of course.

Is this even possible with Tagger? And if so, can you give some advice how to do this?
Or is there another solution?

Hope someone can help me out.

This should be possible.
If “Colour”, “Shape”, “Material” and “Medicinal effect” are groups in Tagger, you can filter by different tags from different groups with a URL like this:


On the front-end you probably have to create this URL with javascript when you click on the tags of the different groups.

Also, set the property &matchAll to 1 in the call to “TaggerGetResourcesWhere”.

For more complex filtering, you have to write some custom code as described here:

Thanks. I’ll dive into this.