How to use getResources to show thumbnails of other resources that are published before the current resource

I’m building a showcase page and I want to display 3 thumbnails of other showcase resources on the side of the page that I’m currently viewing that are published before the one I’m viewing right now.
But I can’t get it to work. I can get it to show the 3 latest thumbnails using this:

[[getResources? &parents=20 &includeTVs=1 &processTVs=1 &debug=1&tpl=feed-card&limit=3&sortby=publishedon&sortdir=DESC]]`

but when I try to use the where clause it doesn’t work. If I use the < nothing will be shown and if I use > everything will be shown. Even the older ones.

[[getResources? &parents=20 &includeTVs=1 &processTVs=1 &debug=1&tpl=feed-card&limit=``&where=[{"publishedon:<":"[[*publishedon]]"}]&sortby=publishedon&sortdir=DESC]]

And Google seems to be no help on this one.
Have I gone blind to this problem or I’m I way of base with the whole thing?

I think [[*publishedon]] has the wrong format and you have to convert it to unixtime



Nice! Thank you so much, that solved it!

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