How-to rewrite a pages URL without using a new context?

I know I can setup a new context and route a unique url to it and change how the url is shown in the context settings. Is there a way to change the URL for a resource tree without pulling those pages out to be their own context?

Let’s say website[dot]com is my main site, I have a directory that is website[dot]com/jobs (with other pages to follow this path). Instead of using the current URL structure, I would like it to be it’s own URL, (the the other pages path would follow this structure).

I know I can direct a URL with Nginx Rewrites, but the URL is just forwarded to that location.

Any particular reason you don’t want to use contexts? Seems like the perfect fit for your use case.

Mainly because the pages exists currently on the site right now and I didn’t want to affect SEO, I should just suck it up and move them.