How to register characters in a Template to filter characters in aliases

I need to exclude the characters «»
How to prescribe it correctly ?

This value is a regular expression.
The / characters at the beginning and at the end are the delimiters for the whole pattern.
The regular expression has one character set (/[...]/ → square brackets) that contains all the characters that should be deleted.
To exclude more characters, just add them to the character set.

good evening. thank you. please specify whether it is necessary to add characters separately or is it enough like this /[\0\x0B\t\n\r\f\a&=+%#<>"~:`@?{}|^'\«»]/?
will this only apply to new pages?

Yes, the pattern should work like this.

Yes, the aliases of existing resources won’t be changed.

But you can delete the resource’s alias value in the manager, and when you save the resource, the alias should get regenerated.

good evening.Thanks for the clarification