How to redirect a menu to his first submenu

I come back with MODx and I have to build a web site with submenu

I created resources as the following

– sub1-1
– sub1-2
– sub1-3
– sub3-1
– sub3-2
– sub4-1
---- sub4-1-1
---- sub4-1-2
---- sub4-1-3
– sub4-2
---- sub4-2-1
---- sub4-2-2
---- sub4-2-3

On the web page, I have the main menu. With WayFinder, I show only the first level of my menu

Menu1 - Menu 2 - Menu 3 - Menu 4

Below, I will print only the subemnu from level 2 and 3 (or more)

I need, when someone click on one of the imen of the first level, he his redirected to the first submenu item.

For example

Menu 1 will redirect to Sub1-1
Menu 2 will redirect to resource Menu 2
Menu 3 will redirect sub3-1
Menu4 will not redirect sub4-1, but to sub4-1-1

I remember, we can change the type of the resource to link or symbolic link and I could add [[~12]], to redirect to page with the ID 12. But that’s does not work

Could you refresh me, how to do that?

There is an extra FirstChildRedirect for this functionality.


I’ve automated this a bit in the past by setting the template up with: [[*content:default=`[[FirstChildRedirect]]`]]
That way, it it just automatically redirects to a child page if the content is empty.

Thanls @matdave, I am going to try. That’s interresting

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Dear @matdave
I try to replace




But it alway redirect to the home page

may I missed something?