How to personalize the ressoucre content (editor_css_path)

I am doing a new web site with the latest version. I also installed the exetnsion ’ TinyMCE Rich Text Editor’.

With my previous modx web site, I could apply a css file to the resource content with parameter ‘editor_css_path’.

Now, with the latest MODX version, I can not find it, may be because I am using “only” the ‘TinyMCE Rich Text Editor’?

Is there a way to apply the css for the web (public) view and for the ressource content while editing a ressource?


The system setting editor_css_path was removed in MODX 3. (See this page in the documentation.)

With the extra “TinyMCE Rich Text Editor” you can maybe use the setting tinymcerte.content_css instead.

thanks for your reply. Yep it’s work.
But I am still annoyed with one thing.

I used `styleselect’ to add personalized CSS for the WYSIWYG. In the parameter ‘tiny.css_selectors’ I added red=redcss; yellow=yellowcss. In my css file, I created the classes .redcss and .yellowcss. In my WYSIWYG I could heilight a title and give it the class red.

In my case, I have a title h2 which need to have a special color, then I should be able, in my WYSIWYG, add a class to the header 2, but I do not know how to have that option in my WYSIWYG menu.

Do you have an idea with the latest version of MODx?

many thanks

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to do.

Maybe take a look at this topic:

This doesn’t seem to be a setting from the “TinyMCE Rich Text Editor” extra.

The exact configuration depends on the extra you installed as the richtext editor (and maybe the version of TinyMCE that extra uses). The MODX version is irrelevant.

Hello, thanks a lot for your help. You helped me a lot for my two questions. Have a good week-end

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