How to move Squarespace site into MODx

I see instructions on moving a WordPress site into MODx: If you have SSH access to your source server, you can quickly bring almost any PHP/MySQL site into MODX Cloud quickly via the command line, including WordPress. This method requires basic knowledge of web servers and using SSH to connect to them.

Can this be done with a Squarespace site? I can export the SS site to WordPress and then into MODx, but it might be simpler to go right from Squarespace.

Thanks, Terry

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Hi there, maybe start with this? Exporting your site – Squarespace Help Center from there you could either analize the xml and try to import it into modx directly, or move it to WP, fix the issues that the xml generates (check the “What content will and won’t export” section), the move to ModX

Hi there, just circling back in case anyone in in something similar, we just did the most “brute force” thing we could, but it’s working perfectly:

  1. first was to extract the original site to JAM, luckily there was no API calls, so it made it simpler,
  2. We build the base template with the common elements and imports
  3. We splitted the original site on reusable elements, and created them as chucks
    4.We added any needed TV to easily manage the content and some visual aspects.
  4. Ready, you end up with a bunch of elements that you can organize however you like on your resources and you are done