How to manage meta tags and keywords?


in modx the manager had a tool to deal with metatags and keywords, which could than be used in the resources.

How should this be done in modx3? Is there a plugin, an extra, or what would be the right way?

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There is the SeoSuite Extra which seems like it does what your want.

Also that version sounds absolutely ancient (don’t want to step on anyone’s toes :wink: )


That’s Modx Evolution which is supported by now, however the OP was asking about Modx 3

I found MetaX, but doesn’t seem to allow for keywords.

That’s because Google, and all other search engines (as far as I know), no longer recognize the keyword meta tag. It’s been over a decade since the keyword tag was relevant.

Yes, you don’t need keywords any more. Seo Suite provides all the basic fields you need now.