How to make Ace 1.8.0 working with TextArea Tv?

Modx 2.7.1
Ace : 1.8.0
PHP : 7.2.21
Richext Editor : none


It is mentioned that Ace Works for snippets, chunks, system settings, tvs and resource fields, filters and properties.

I’m trying to make Ace working with textarea Tv, but I can not.

Can someone tell me how?

Thanks for your help.

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I had it working on a site, but it takes custom editing the Ace plugin to work. It’s not a viable solution unless you disconnect the plugin from the MODX Extras repo. There are open tickets currently about Ace TV types. Basically, you just need to adjust the plugin logic to fire on for TV’s of a specific type during the onDocFormRender switch. I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t ready to support the plugin with manual updates though.